Dave Algie

On farm it is mostly just myself with some help from the family.  My wife Joanne works as a paramedic. I grew up on a dairy farm but have been in and out of the industry a few times and have driven milk tankers and done numerous other jobs – making me 2nd generation dairy but 5th farming.

Our farm is a dry land farm and is leased from Joanne’s mother.  The farm is 140 ha in 2 parts – 80 ha milking block and 60 ha turnout.  We would like for it will be ours one day. 

We have 150 cows – who are milked when they feel like being milked (up to 3 times + a day).  We have a converted Herringbone with two Lely A5 robots.  We have three six-week calvings a year.

 We have a mainly Holstein X herd but breeding towards Holstein (my daughter’s idea - she is very involved in genetics on the farm and is into stud Red Holsteins).

Off farm I am a member of our local CFA. 

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