Mark Mullins

I am located in northern Victoria, on the outskirts of Kyabram with my wife Carly and three young boys Finn, Bodhi and Nate. I am a third-generation dairy farmer and our family has been on this farm for about 60 years. I purchased the property about 12 years ago from my parents after living and working in Melbourne for about 10 years.

After being hit by a car while on my push bike I had an extensive period of time off work. While I was recouping, my parents were in the process of selling the farm, so I came down to help clean the place up. I enjoyed pottering around the farm and decided to leave Melbourne and purchased 158 cows from Inverloch. I combined them with the 20 heifers Mum and Dad still had left and started milking cows.

We will peak this year with about 440 cows, milking them twice a day, calving three times a year. Our dairy farm is about 130 hectares with a 30 aside swing over. We also have a 186 hectare out block, where we keep our heifers and grow crops for silage. Both farms are fully lasered and flood irrigated.

Recently we have changed from doing silage bales to pit and we will be running a mixer wagon.

During my free time I enjoy playing golf and tennis and spending time with my family.

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