Graeme Nurse

I’m 3rd generation on our family farm – with my parents, my wife Fleur and three children.  We were milking 80 cows off 40 ha when we started in 1984-85.  Then as neighbouring farms became available we grew our farm. Currently we have acquired 5 adjoining family farms.

We milk 400 and peak at 450, milking twice daily all year in a 44-unit rotary. We’re also just starting to use auto gear using Delpro system.  We calve mostly all year but mainly in Autumn and Spring. Our herd is mainly Friesians plus some Jersey and cross bred.

We have 2 full time staff and 4 casual milking staff.  We have also used back-packers in the past. 

The whole farm is irrigated with 250 ha on the Goulburn system. We also grow some oil seed, though our crops are mostly used for the farm.  We lease the Fonterra waste water farm and grow maize and crops (summer and winter crops). 

I used to be heavily involved in the local football club, but since retiring have not been as involved and am currently playing lawn bowls in the summer.

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