Mary Burgess

My husband Derek and I and our son live on the farm and share the operation and management.  Derek purchased the original farm just over forty years ago. His grandfather was also a dairy farmer in this same area. Over time we have purchased adjoining land and grown the milking herd from the original 70 head. We have 200 ha plus another 180ha leased. 

For the first 25 of my 35 years that I have lived on the farm, I was a Primary School Teacher, Assistant Principal and Principal both in this area and in Melbourne. 

We milk 250 cows and have done for the past ten years or so. This is as many as I want to milk, as I do the majority of milking myself at each end of the day.  The Dairy is a 14 swing-over with automatic cup removers and the ADF System installed.  We have a mixture of Friesian, Jersey and Friesian/Jersey crossbred cows.

We have a split calving pattern with roughly 50% in Autumn and Spring. Our herd is pretty much a closed one, as we breed our replacement stock.  We don’t irrigate so are dryland farmers.

We don’t employ any staff, apart from the occasional relief milker, if we can - they are a rare commodity!

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