Damien Cocker

Our farm is in Sheffield and my wife Brooke and I made the move to farm ownership after share farming for five seasons at Rushy Lagoon. We started out milking 250 cows in an eleven unit swing over on 200 acres.  Three seasons in and we are now in our new dairy which is a 30 aside double up milking 450 cows on 400 acres.

Along with two full time staff we calve down in August/September. We are currently running Holstein jersey cross cows being milked twice a day. We are currently irrigating about 30 ha with hard hoses and soft hoses but have plans to expand this with water coming on-line with the Barrington scheme in the next year or two.

As hard as it is sometimes we always try to find time to go and watch our three girls play sport and also get down to lake Barrington for some water sports in the summer.   

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