Chloe Brown

Our family farm is located in Kirkstall and along with my husband Rodney, we milk 220 registered Jersey Cows with a tight autumn calving pattern. We have a 22 aside swing over Herringbone, with Allflex monitoring collars, Easy Dairy and Auto Draft Gate with the ability to run as a single person operation. We have no irrigation, with mainly perennial pastures and some multi-species crops.

Together with our daughters Charlotte and Eleanor we manage the farm without any staff. Fortunately, we have incredible support from our extended families who help with the girls and jobs on the farm when required.

I’m a 1st generation dairy farmer but have been an active part of the business for more than 10 years. I strongly believe in contributing to community. I alongside Renata Cummings and Lucy Collins, created Cream of the Crop, a conference educating, encouraging and connecting women within dairy. I have since created a Podcast called More than Milk, sharing the stories of incredible people, and exploring the diversity and passion everyone has for all things dairy.

I am a board member of the Demo Dairy Foundation and am actively involved at Koroit & District Primary School, with School Council as well as the Kinder Committee.

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