Chloe Brown

Our farm is in Kirkstall, where we currently lease my husband Rodney’s, family farm. We milk 220 cows, with a mix of Jersey, Friesian and XB’s, through a 22 aside swing-over Herringbone dairy. I’ve been involved on the farm for 10 years, transitioning from share-farming through to leasing, with goals of purchasing the farm in the future. 

We calve once a year from March through to May, with a focus on moving the herd towards primarily Jersey breeding.  

Together with our daughters Charlotte and Eleanor, we run the farm without any staff.  Fortunately we have incredible support from our extended families who help with the girls & jobs on farm when needed. 

I strongly believe in actively contributing to my community. I am involved with a number of organisations that support and promote the dairy industry. When I’m not on farm, I enjoy spending time in my garden and being with family and friends. 

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