Brooke Lane

Our farm is in Alvie and my partner Clint and I are currently leasing our farm Tipperary Holsteins, having recently transitioned from five years as 50/50 sharefarmers.  We are both are first generation dairy farmers, with the aim to begin to purchase the farm we are on in the coming years.  

We milk 350 high production registered Holstein cattle year round.  This is done through a single person operated 20 aside Herringbone which is integrated with Alta Cow Watch monitor collars as well as a Jantec management system. We calve three times a year, aiming for a third of the herd to calve in each round, with a mix of sexed and conventional semen as well as good quality speckle park beef semen being used throughout. 

Our milking platform (120 ha) is fully under centre pivot irrigation which is made up of six centre pivots, our water is sourced from an underground bore aquifer with a water licence of 994 ML.  Staffing consists of two full time staff as well as a part time school based trainee, allowing me the luxury of spending time to raise our 2 young kids Scarlett & Rhett while doing herd management, data collection and herd testing etc

As a side hustle project I am very passionate about breeding up our purebred Speckle Park herd which I have been working on for the past couple of years with ETs and international genetics starting to come through in those. So this is usually something you’ll find me doing in my spare time as well venturing out with our caravan. 

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