Paul Weller

We run a family farm in Lockington. I was born on the farm. I worked as a stock agent for 3 years before returning to the farm in 1979. My great grandfather purchased the original farm block in 1919.
We have 600 ha and milk 350 Friesian cows twice a day in a 44 rotary with auto draft and individual feed. Our calving is staggered from February to November. Jason Page & Tash Gallagher are 50% share farmers on farm. We also have four part time milkers.
Our farm is on the Goulburn system and we irrigate with a pipe & riser system. We grow lucerne, perennial ryegrass & annual ryegrass for the cows to graze. On another part of our farm, we grow 380 hectares of cereal crops.
Previously I have been UDV Vice President, President of the VFF, Board member of the NFF & chairing their water taskforce from 2002 -2005. I was a member of the Murray Goulburn Co-op board from 2005 until being elected to represent the seat of Rodney in the Victorian Parliament (2006-2014). I am also a past deputy speaker of the Victorian Parliament.
Off farm, I am currently a director of Waterpool Australia and the National Herd Development Co-op.

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