Alan Davenport

My wife Rosie and I farm at Derby, in north east Tasmania. We currently have 6 full time staff, including two sons, along with 3 casual staff, including our daughter. We have been in the dairy industry for well over 30 years now, after starting out as 25% sharefarmers. We went into a farming partnership with my parents in 1996 after selling our first farm. We are long term suppliers of Fonterra and its predecessors, starting off supplying United Milk Tasmania.
We currently milk 800 Friesians on 800ha of mostly undulating country. We Spring calve, milking in a 50-unit rotary and 24-unit herringbone dairy. Half our farm is irrigated – made up of pivot, hard hose and long lateral irrigation, with water from river direct take, farm dams and a local gravity fed irrigation scheme supplying up to 1,400 megalitres.
We also run 270 beef breeders, growing young stock out to Jap Ox as well as growing potatoes and lavender.
I have been involved in farmer advocacy for over twenty years, including time as chairman of TFGA Dairy Council and our local irrigation scheme as well as terms on the TFGA and ADF Boards. We spend most available time at the beach or travelling.

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