Emma Liersch

My partner Rory, and I run a 550 cow dairy on a leased dairy farm just out of Smithton, in the far north west of Tasmania.
I grew up on a dairy farm in northern Victoria and loved being on the farm, but I left to pursue my dream of being a vet. Fast forward 7 years of being a dairy vet, I meet Rory and we moved to Smithton to start our own dairy business and take that next step in our dairy careers. I now balance my time between the farm, being a vet and mum to our little girl Zoe.
We lease a 250 hectare property and run our 550 spring calving cows through a 30 bale swing over dairy. The last few years have been all about rapid expansion so we are looking forward to consolidating the herd a bit now and focusing on improving the quality of the herd we have. It’s probably not a surprise that I’m particularly interested in animal health and finding the best ways to maximise it.
I’m passionate about the dairy industry and I am fortunate to be surrounded by other passionate dairy farmers in this area. I want to see other young people follow into this career and see the value and joy that being a dairy farmer can be.
Outside of dairying, I enjoy nothing better than a lovely glass of wine with some good Tassie cheese. I’m slowly making my way around all of the major rivers down here in my kayak and love the beautiful views hiking in this area provides.

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