Brett McKnight

We are based in Stony Creek, in South Gippsland. Our generational family farm is made up of myself and my partner Natalie and our 4 girls my brother Ryan, his wife Cindy and their 3 kids my parents Don and Cathy, and my Uncle Doug.
Spilt in two locations, with an even spread of beef, sheep and dairy. Ryan and I have actively been buying into the dairy aspect of the business since 2004, when I returned to the farm after completing a horticulture apprenticeship. Half the farm (1500 acres) is located in the rolling hills of Foster North (this is mainly beef and sheep also holding some dry stock) the other half, where the dairy is situated includes (1700 acres) is located on the flat country along the Stony creek near Meeniyan.
We have a 380 cow herd mainly of medium framed Friesian cross cows and spilt our calving between two seasons. We rear all calves on farm and are grown out for beef production later on. Milking in a 20 a side double up herringbone shed, we run a grass based, non-irrigated system, and feeding pellets only in the shed. Most of our hay and silage is produced on farm with the occasional load of cereal hay brought in. We do all our own contracting and a little bit off farm as well, to keep our team six staff busy.
When not farming I enjoy most sports with football and golf been my favourite hobbies. I play footy for Stony Creek where I have played at for the last 30 years. I have also been a long-term member at the Meeniyan golf club.

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