About Us

Farmers Representing Farmers

Fonterra Australian Suppliers Council (FASC) represents the interests of all suppliers in Victoria and Tasmania with a collective independent voice.

Acting on co-operative principles we have partnered with Fonterra to develop a “modern day co-op” to deliver significant benefits and opportunities to suppliers.


Benefits to suppliers:

Farmers working collectively for farmers

Supply arrangements that are in the best interests of all dairy farmers supplying Fonterra Australia

Strong and active representation of supplier’s interests at industry and government level


What we do:

Negotiate with Fonterra Australia, on behalf of our suppliers, on conditions of milk supply

Oversee the operation of the Fonterra Australia Supplier Forum which provides direct farmer feedback to FASC Board and Fonterra Australia

Represent supplier’s interests with Fonterra Australia and work with Fonterra to develop initiatives to support farmers

Actively participate in supplier meetings, field days, industry conferences, industry forums etc.

Govern the investments owned by FASC utilising the profits to deliver value to our suppliers


Our relationship with Fonterra Australia

FASC have a formal agreement with Fonterra. This agreement formalises FASC's relationship and interactions with Fonterra.

The agreement includes the rights of all FASC suppliers to have their milk collected and the negotiation and contribution to the development of the milk pricing structure and associated initiatives.